In the News: All Cleveland Coffee Aims to Make Drinking Coffee Habitual

In the News: All Cleveland Coffee Aims to Make Drinking Coffee Habitual

Our CEO, Samantha, sat down with The Cleveland Jewish News prior to our launch to share our story. Thank you for the feature, Cleveland Jewish News!

Article Summary.
Introducing All Cleveland Coffee, a dynamic Cleveland-based brand that recently unveiled its website, showcasing a trio of carefully crafted coffee roasts paying tribute to the city's sports teams. Sourcing its beans from Café Feminino and entrusting their roasting to Solstice Roasters, the brand combines quality and purpose.

At its heart is CEO, Samantha Friedman-Ciuni, whose lifelong affinity for coffee and community fuels a compelling mission: with each bag of coffee sold, All Cleveland Coffee pledges to provide three meals through the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. This commitment to giving back resonates deeply with collaborators such as NFL Hall of Fame legend, Joe Thomas and MMA champion, Stipe Miocic.

The brand's essence lies in its socially-conscious approach, aiming to donate a remarkable one million meals within three years. Available both online and at select outlets, All Cleveland Coffee not only offers a delightful beverage but also seeks to shine a light on local challenges, fostering community engagement.

By savoring All Cleveland Coffee, patrons are not only indulging in exceptional flavors but actively participating in a movement that blends the joy of coffee with impactful philanthropy, embodying the spirit of Cleveland's close-knit community.

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