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Helping the community one pot of coffee at a time. This is all Cleveland Coffee. 

All Cleveland Coffee Company was started with the goal of giving back to the food bank. Watch the full interview with New Day Cleveland, below.

"When I moved back during the pandemic in 2020, I started looking around trying to find something that. I could give back and take my entrepreneurial experience to give back to the community. I started walking around the grocery stores and said what's something that people buy.

Something that on a monthly basis would create an opportunity for us to give back to the food bank at the same cadence. And the opportunity arose of coffee, and who doesn’t coffee? I reached out to a bunch of roasters, and eventually I reached out to Joe Deinhart at Solstice Roasters, one of Cleveland's oldest roasters. He gave us the opportunity to partner with him and create some really incredible coffee that people love. 

To-date, we've donated over 30,000 meals to the greater Cleveland food bank. And all that's due to not only having great coffee, but our two partners, Joe Thomas and Stipe Miocic, who came on board months before our launch. This has been a great experience for us. 

We picked the Greater Cleveland Food Bank because it's the only organization, in my opinion, that if you give them a dollar, it's going to turn into a real result: food in people's bellies, and especially people in need.

All Cleveland Coffee follows suit with Solstice Roasters in their belief in not over-roasting the coffee. You lose a lot of the flavor over time if you take it to a certain temperature, and that's something we've learned through Joe. Our coffee was sourced from Peru through a program called Cafe Femenino, which is a female-run coffee farm, which means that that money gets back to their community. So this Peruvian coffee is actually single source, making it an incredible coffee. 

We're in a few specialty retail stores around Cleveland: The Cleveland Clothing Company in their location's in Van Aken in downtown. And you can also buy All Cleveland Coffee in Lake Road Market in Rocky River. We're also sold online. 

We recently launched coffee subscriptions which gives you a 25% savings per month. You can get fresh coffee delivered to your door every single month, and we donate meals to the Cleveland Food Bank on your behalf. 

We have really big goals at All Cleveland Coffee. We would like to help get the Greater Cleveland Food Bank closer to closing the food gap. 

An interesting story about us: all of our bags were originally printed with the copy “four meals donated with every bag purchased.” Because of inflation and rising food costs, we were actually only able to donate three meals for every dollar as opposed to four. So the food banks across the country, let alone in Cleveland, are really looking for help. And we hope that we can be the bridge to do so."
- Aaron Fazulak, Co-Founder & President of All Cleveland Coffee

You can support All Cleveland Coffee by shopping online

And remember Three meals are donated to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank for every bag purchased.

Watch the full interview with New Day Cleveland, below.


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